Founded in 2016, StrongerTowns already has 4 active programs underway and is evaluating a handful more.  For a program to be a good fit with StrongerTowns, it must be innovative in its approach to solving a problem of high social impact.  The idea can be brand new, fresh, and unproven - but the application of the idea must be able to be replicated on a national scale in rural communities once it has been successfully tested locally. 

SKILLMATION was our first StrongerTowns program.  The goal of this activity is to bridge the economic, educational, and age barriers that divide rural communities through mentorship.  Our unique website technology and hand built relationships with local schools, organizations allow for sharing skills, experiences, and viewpoints across our community.

THE BENJI PROJECT is a new program that is crafting a series of professionally delivered seminars to increase confidence and self compassion for our youth with a goal of increasing communication and decreasing teen suicide.  These seminars have been attended by dozens of local youth and their families through a mix of private meetings and school events.

THE PRODUCTION ALLIANCE builds community through celebration. TPA leads non-profit organizations, local businesses, and government agencies to collaboratively plan annual events that uphold cultural traditions and strengthen resiliency through inclusive, annual gatherings that celebrate community and improve quality of life in Jefferson County.    

BECOMING PROFESSIONAL is a multi-session seminar series that prepares youth for a successful transition into the local workforce through the development of personal contact and networking with local business people willing to share their expertise and first-hand knowledge.

We Want Your Great Idea to be our Next Program!

StrongerTowns is a social impact incubator focused on improving the strength of rural communities.  We support local innovation that can result in national change through improved resources for our youth.